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Medizin Apps von Pocketweb

Health care for patients & clinics

Chronically ill patients are often required to visit doctors on a regular basis. This can be troublesome and often comes along with quite some effort.

Pocketweb is currently developing an app including backend for a international provider that aims to help patients with medical quick tests. These tests use the internal camera of the devices and provide an instant evaluation. Another feature is a personal record showing improvements and changes concerning the patient.

Smart home and video monitoring

This app for a medium-sized enterprise combines many elements such as smart home features, health and fitness concepts and home security with an integrated function of video calls to reach your personal concierge at any time.

A clever design grants a playful and easy to understand usability for every user of any age.

Do you want to be notified in case of fire or burglar alarm? Or do you wish to have an overview on detectors at home or have a glance through your webcams? No problem at all!

Smarthome Apps von Pocketweb
Social Media Apps von Pocketweb

Social networking

For a german-american startup we build an app with a promising and innovative approach aiming to replace conventional business cards. Beyond its unique functionality this app has lean and top-class design and a sophisticated user experience.

Entertainment for kids

For the leading european game manufacturer we build a whole entertainment world for children up to 8 years old. This contains video on demand for both movies and series, audiobooks, ebooks, games and much more.

Parents can choose what their children may watch and read through a separated section that is only accessible to the parents. A friendly reminder helps to limit your children’s play time.

Entertainment Apps entwickelt von Pocketweb
Fitness App von Pocketweb

Fitness app from leading physicians

For this company we provided a complete white-label health platform with solutions on web, Android and iPhone.

It does not too much to achieve the daily goal of exercise. Therefore, steps are counted and personal activity is measured with intelligent and personalized algorithms. And in the end of the day the app informs you about the goals you reached and suggests how to improve on that.

Beyond the internal functionality, connectivity to other health devices is achieved by a strong backend platform.

Groundbreaking product-scan

Get-neutral is worldwide the first online platform for consumption with a zero carbon footprint. This app provides an easy way for daily climate protection for every generation. With it customers are now able to trade-off the amount of carbon dioxides, that was needed for the production and the delivery of the products.

To distribute this knowledge, Get-neutral specifically targets social networks and enables sharing to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  Using gamification with points and badges the user is motivated to keep on using the app.

Pocket Life: Location based social networking

Pocket Life is mobile lifestyle: You want to know what your friends are up to? Have a look at the map and see your friends and share your photos, your favorite places and your adventures.

Pocket Life is free to use and accessible almost on any smartphone. And we care about your privacy, so you are always in full control of who can see what you shared.

The modern traffic app

Improve your choice of transportation playfully. Switch between your car to your bike, from public transport to car sharing. In constant competition with your friends, you earn points and badges.

DaDongWo is a deeply integrated Facebook app taking full advantage of the existing possibilities Facebook provides.

Commute Greener for companies

Commute Greener is a service that helps you measuring the daily carbon footprint of your commute to work. Be it by car, train or bicycle, Commute Greener aims to minimize your carbon footprint with only a few clicks. Using this information, you can now easily arrange carpools and help to protect the environment.

Pocket Ping: Location Based Services

Pocket Ping enables you to have a record of your favorite places and the results, so called TreadCrumbs, are displayed live in the app or in the web. Sharing your TreadCrumbs is easily done and most importantly: The service is free and anonymized and requires no registration. And your friends’ TreadCrumbs are displayed right next to yours!

Branch finder – also as White Label

Our branch finder can be adjusted specifically to your needs. And if needed, additional features and functions can be added as well. Out of the box, our app features nearby search, offline availability, search across regions and many more.

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